Amongst other aspects, TechDo IS is also a CMM system.

The term Computerised Maintenance Management System describes the systematic support of maintenance workflows by means of a software.

But TechDo IS can do more:

TechDo IS manages all the information across all specialist fields in an object-oriented, database-based system that can be used for day-to-day activities (daily maintenance) as well as inspection and servicing workflows, or even for standstills! This software system supports the daily activities of the maintenance team and all the other trades, and thereby serves as a basis for optimising all workflows.


Tested quality:

We also bank on the highest possible functional and safety standards where our TechDo IS software product is concerned, and have had its functionality, usability and data security certified. The safety and functionality of our "TechDo IS" software system have been certified by DNV GL SE since 2008, and is subject to regular verifications.

What are the benefits of TechDo IS?

Information transparency, information logistics and process optimisation to help you cut costs!

The most important point: the software adjusts to the user, not the user to the software. The system adjusts to the existing environment, and not the environment to the system. There is no implementation phase lasting several months.

The system is distinguished by its easy operability, which means that no great training effort is required and users will not need to be qualified PC experts. Data, information, knowledge etc. from previous insular solutions and local structures are made available for all the technical departments in one system "as built". All information of operational relevance is available to all users at the touch of a button. Familiar functions (copy & paste, drag & drop, etc.) simplify the handling. Forms, templates etc. that are used or required at the company can be adopted into TechDo IS. The software adjusts to the requirements of all the technical departments provided locally. TechDo IS also serves as a technical support for existing ERP systems such as SAP, for example.

All  data and information can be interlinked: no more long searches. This is not a "pigeon hole" system where everybody has his or her own drawer to put things in, and neither the system nor staff ever know where which information comes from and where it needs to go. With the TechDo IS software, "EVERYBODY" can find any such desired information within seconds at the touch of a button! That’s without long searches in folder structures as well.

TechDo IS is a modular software (see modules section). A company is always provided with all the modules, leaving it up to the clients to decide whether they wish to use them all immediately or rather individual ones. There are no mandatory updates,which means that there are also no follow-up costs!

Although the information and know-how of a company are also managed and collected before a software is used, this is often done in very different ways from one department to the next. Starting from Excel lists via access databases and folder structures, right through to, last but not least, the heads of the employees. All this information is collected by TechDo IS and made available to all the departments "just in time" and "as built". No more long-winded gatherings of information and procurement of current records! No more lost documents because the data management is sustainable, audit-proof and will stand up in court. All changes are logged (when and by whom?). This has been certified by DNV GL SE!


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