Technical Plant Documentation

What do we mean by "technical plant documentation"?

As part of the LCC, a technical plant documentation reflects the planning and development progress, as well as plant-specific attributes and peculiarities, in day-to-day operation. 
This type of documentation includes a visualization of the plant involving its technical concept, its design/execution, the process engineering, and the process workflow.
A documentation of this nature is for example a basic and immanent requirement for:

- Servicing and maintenance
- Repair measures
- Re-planning, conversion and modelling projects
- Day-to-day business (daily maintenance)

Depending on the individual concept and performance of an industrial plant, the technical documentation will include a great number of technical and supplementary documents. The management of all these documents including their dependencies and connections to one another as well as the plant sections and components is no longer feasible without a flexible and customer-oriented IT-assisted tool. 
Experience has shown that ca. 20 % of a qualified employee's working hours are spent with the search for documents if no efficient optimization tool is deployed.

This is where TechDo IS come in!

TechDo Industrial Solution – value-creating maintenance

What is this software for?

50% of the value of a plant is principally hidden in its documentation. A well-maintained plant documentation will provide a host of information for the operator, plant employees, maintenance service providers, and suppliers. Entire plants or interrelations of plant sections can therewith be quickly viewed and easily understood. The planning/scheduling of revisions, minor outages, standstills etc. becomes efficient and transparent. The required materials and resources are calculated in the form of lists and made available just in time. Attempts at mapping the plant documentation in normal CAE systems will usually founder on the fact that the latter are utterly unsuitable for this kind of application, or so rigid and/or complicated to handle that the users will quickly lose any interest in working with them. TechDo IS, in contrast, has been developed by engineers for engineers! In doing so, particular attention was paid to easy usability and comprehensibility. TechDo IS respects the wishes of the plant operator and operating personnel and assures the provision of everything required to document a technical plant without omissions. 
In addition to this, the software system also covers many areas of daily maintenance and downtime scheduling in a value-adding manner, and will support you in the processing and management of the day-to-day challenges in plant operation.

- Technical documentation of the entire plant
- Utilization documentation
- Maintenance documentation
- Repair documentation
- (Warehouse) material catalogue
- Replacement part catalogue
- Standard service catalogue (incl. Work-Value and calculations)
- Repair planning

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