PIA : Prozessorientierte Instandhaltungs-Analyse (process-oriented maintenance analysis)

PIA is an effective tool for supportive decision-making and introducing a maintenance strategy that is oriented towards the requirements of value creation.

Dependable, capable and efficient production facilities are an essential requirement for meeting the continuously growing demands of global competition and for safeguarding a company's future competitiveness.
The resulting requirement is a need to deliver greater system availabilities attended by shrinking maintenance budgets and greater profit contributions.

Therefore this is also the reason why industrial maintenance is a decisive competitive advantage for companies. Meeting these requirements calls for simple and efficient computer-aided tools, along with the value creation chain for all areas of modern maintenance, such as; inspection, servicing and repair, for a continuous optimisation of the production facilities.

TechDo GmbH has not only developed a very simple and highly efficient software system for maintenance purposes, but also provides the operator of the facilities with an analysis tool that not only identifies processes, but is also able to develop a value-creating maintenance strategy.

It is of decisive importance that all relevant processes are unequivocally defined, feasible, and also traceable.
Sustained knowledge about the complexity of decision-making and planning activities, and the knowledge about the application costs ensure a permanently value-creating maintenance strategy. 


Under the continuously rising pressure of scarce resources and the growing requirements in the global market, companies are compelled to review the organisation of their processes (process orientation), because it directly affects the quality and cost of a service or product, as well as the time it takes to create it.

Besides cutting costs and throughput times, a process-oriented organisation design is also aimed at a higher product performance quality. The realisation of these objectives not only calls for standardised and clearly structured workflows with unambiguous responsibilities, but also for greater organisational flexibility, as well as a greater sense of responsibility and result-awareness on the part of all those involved.

The business process analysis/optimisation is regularly engaged in identifying, analysing and optimising the processes of an organisation, but can also address support and management processes.


Where the optimisation of business processes is concerned as a focus area of an organisation's examination in terms of maintenance and the development of process-oriented and process-supporting activities, we bring an open approach model to bear on the analysis.

With maintenance being a sub-process of all the processes underlying a company, one needs to be aware of the fact that structural process changes will also have consequences for other business areas. In the analysis and optimisation of business processes, the PIA analysis gives centre stage to maintenance workflows and processes. 


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