VGB-Congress "Power Plants 2015" with exibition

On 9. +. 10. September 2015 a congress of VGB with the theme "Power Plants" was held in Vienna.Lectures was presented to the specialist public on the topics of power plants, development of conventional and renewable energy forms, system stability, and increasing the flexibility of existing plants. Accompanying these technical presentations, an exhibition was held. Companies from the branch of industry presented their products or services. TechDo GmbH was also present as an exhibitor. The focus was the business unit "machine diagnostics / condition monitoring", especially at turbines and power plant equipment. Mr. Tietz presented to the visitors the use of mobile and permanently installed diagnostic systems based on a machine model, which is also used for training purposes in the TechDo GmbH. The practical demonstration enjoyed great popularity, especially among experienced professionals. Even the non-specialist public the benefits of condition monitoring could be explained. In the 2 days of the Congress important contacts were made with potential customers and partners.


VGB "Power Plants 2015" Congress with Technical Exhibition

On September 9 and 10, 2015, TechDo GmbH will be attending the VGB "Power Plants 2015" Congress in Vienna as an exhibitor. 

After the integration of Remadia Engineering GmbH in our ranks, this will now be the first joint trade show presentation!

Accordingly, we will be placing a focus on the subject of machine diagnosis at the trade show, while simultaneously also endeavouring to demonstrate how important the subject of documentation is in this area.

We are looking forward to seeing, hopefully, many visitors at our stand!

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Business Development / TechDo GmbH


Maintenance fair in Istanbul

The first Maintenance exhibition took place in Istanbul on April 16 - 18, 2015, with TechDo GmbH presenting itself as a partner of the TAR Alliance Cooperation, as previously announced.

Our expectations were greatly exceeded! There were many, very interesting talks and a great number of new contacts. Our team was able to communicate a lot of our company's know-how, but also to gain countless new impressions. The exchange with the local service providers and companies  proved greatly enriching for us. We are absolutely delighted about the intensive continuation of the dialogue even after the fair and are looking forward to what the next one will bring.

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Business Development / TechDo GmbH


TechDo integrate machine diagnosis and condition monitoring

TechDo GmbH, known as a provider of technical services to the manufacturing industry since 2002, is absorbing the know-how of Remadia Engineering GmbH in its own ranks. Both companies have been cooperating very closely for many years. The TechDo IS documentation software enabled Remadia Engineering GmbH to seamlessly document the machine data and to read in and evaluate the maintenance and inspection plans implemented beforehand.

"While many others are still working on the optimization of insular solutions in the areas of documentation and master data maintenance, we can offer a documentation solution for all professional fields and trades, certified to stand up in court! Our clients have no desire to continue drowning in  information chaos because every technical department is using a documentation tool of its own", says Kai Rathner, CEO of TechDo GmbH.

"Especially where machine diagnosis is concerned, uninterrupted documentation is of the essence", adds Uwe Tietz, CEO of Remadia Engineering GmbH and the person responsible in the future for the condition monitoring at TechDo GmbH. "As both companies have frequently supported one another with their specialist know-how in the past, we thought it about time to combine their respective competences. Remadia Engineering GmbH will no longer exist in its previous form, with the entire segment being integrated at and by TechDo GmbH. This way we can optimize our know-how together and boost our manpower!"

The following services will be available from TechDo GmbH from now on:

  • Maschine diagnostics
  • Condition monitoring
  • Online monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubricant engineering
  • Thermography
  • Endoscopy

Uwe Tietz and Kai Rathner agree that the customers also need to benefit from this fusion, which means:

Everything from one source: the performance of measurements and analyses, creation of reports and a seamless documentation

  • Increasing machine availability
  • Safeguarding the production, avoiding production outages
  • Boosting the cost-effectiveness by machine optimisation
  • Reliable root cause analysis (vibration and oil analyses, thermography)
  • Plannable maintenance activities
  • Extension of revision intervals
  • Reducible energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of pumps and fans
  • Prevention of consequential and secondary damage

The "new" TechDo GmbH team perceives the greatest benefit in the mutual exchange of empirical knowledge and know-how. This way, clients will be provided with an even more optimal consultancy and an even broader range of expertise. 

The Remadia homepage and TechDo homepage will soon be combined into a shared homepage. 

At this moment in time, you can visit the revised homepage.


Maintenance fair in Istanbul

As a member of the TAR Alliance, TechDo GmbH will be presenting itself at the Maintenance exhibition in Istanbul on April 16 - 18, 2015. We have already been able to make many local appointments with interested companies beforehand. This will be our first presentation in Turkey and our team is looking forward to the new challenge and many new contacts. 

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Business Development / TechDo GmbH


Solidarity at TechDo GmbH

TechDo GmbH is not only about technical details, but also about the human side of things, and this was demonstrated on 07/02/2015.

One of our employees has a handicapped child. A special kind of physiotherapy that is not covered by the health insurance should be able to help/could provide positive results. 

It quickly became clear amongst the colleagues and management: we will help!

A Christmas party was cancelled and everyone chipped in a little more. This way, a total of 2,000 euros could be handed over in the context of/in line with one of our advanced training courses. 

A great thank you to a wonderful team and to the management!

We wish the family the best of success and happiness with the upcoming therapy!

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Business Development / TechDo GmbH


2015 annual TAR meeting, Potsdam

Turnarounds, plant shutdowns, revisions

The annual meeting took place again on January 28 and 29, 2015, in Potsdam. TechDo GmbH was involved again as a main sponsor with the TAR Alliance cooperation.

Besides the TAR Alliance concept, TechDo GmbH presented the innovations in the TechDo IS system, already provided shorts insights into the new calculation software, the T.E.M.P. Compass, and introduced  the MOC process, which is now automatically integrated in TechDo IS.

Our presentation was rounded off by many interesting conversations with clients, colleagues and interested parties. 

We are looking forward to the next annual conference in 2016!

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Business Development / TechDo GmbH

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