TechDo GmbH was established in 2002 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The founder Kai Rathner and his team have in the meantime built up a successful company that operates throughout Europe, and is nowadays located in Herten, with a sales office in Wuppertal.

As a trend-setting company we understand ourselves as a provider of technical services for the broad range of all industrial production facilities. Our professional and expert personnel provides our clients with local support in all respects.

Starting from maintenance analysis using our proprietary PIA tool, via the computer-assisted mapping of entire facilities, through to the customer-specific development of  documentation software using our second proprietary tool, „TechDo IS“.

The many areas of a company, as well as external service providers, need to be coordinated for a successful maintenance strategy. This process optimisation is provided by us.

This will result in the following benefits for the client:

  • Increased technical availability of production systems
  • Reduction of cost-intensive standstill periods
  • Improved OHAS and plant safety
  • Hence greater health and environmental protection
  • Improvement of the production quality
  • Reduction in the plant's degree of wear

Besides our core competence of maintenance management, we also consider many other tasks as obligatory for us.


Herten main office
TechDo GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 13
45699 Herten

Phone: +49 2366 506980
Fax: +49 2366 5069820
Email: info[at]techdo.de

Wuppertal sales office
TechDo GmbH
Dr.-Tigges-Weg 34
42115 Wuppertal

Phone: +49 202 51565369
Email: info[at]techdo.de

D-U-N-S® no.: 331769773